Anti-Sexpionage training for the private sector


In real world, marketing objectives include the creation of interest in a product or service, and the persuasion to buy it.

In the world of espionage, the objectives are the opposite. People must believe that a product does not exist, especially when they are the product. There is no clandestine training for sexpionage operatives, no art and science or misperceptions, no attribution of non-existent intentions.

"Useful idiots" must want to open their lives to new paths of excitement and adventure, visit new places, experience new cultures. Business travel, for example, builds self-confidence, brings people closer, provides with new experiences and memories, breaks routine, and allows to meet people from all over the world. Travellers must expect friendship, love, intimate relationships, adventure, surprises.

People travelling must not even think that they are vulnerable due to the limited control they exercise over their immediate surroundings, and that adversaries, including foreign governments and their agents, act on their own soil. Travellers are subject to the laws and regulations of the country they are visiting, and their citizenship will offer them little immunity, but they must only expect good food and intimacy.

Persons working for the private sector and have authorized access to sensitive information must understand the risks, and the modus operandi of elicitation agents in sexspionage operations, in order to protect themselves, their organization and their country.

We always tailor the program to meet specific requirements.

Building blocks of the tailor-made training

- Foreign economic collection and industrial espionage
- Elicitation
- Eliciting altruism
- Eliciting attachment
- Deflecting elicitation attempts
- Sexspionage
- Sexspionage, case study
- The dark web that facilitates a growing underground marketplace
- Surveillance
- Recruitment by foreign intelligence services
- The targets / victims
- Who is being targeted?
- Exploitation of business activities
- Primary methods of exploitation
- Collection techniques
- Academic solicitation
- Conference, convention, or tradeshow method of contact
- Countermeasures
- Insider threat and espionage
- Weaponizing what is considered cool
- Weaponizing the integrity of IT persons
- Easy victims
- Narcissists
- Psychopaths
- Machiavellian personalities

International travel

Professionals love international travel. For so many board members, senior executives, managers and employees, business travel taken for work purposes is also an opportunity for pleasure and satisfaction. It is about visiting new places, meeting new people, eating delicious food, having fun. For many, emotional or physical intimate relationships play a central role in the overall travel experience.

Travelers hate to think that travel also means increased risk, health challenges, legal uncertainty, and new unique threats. They often do not understand (or prefer to ignore) what it means to become subjects to the laws and the legal system of the countries they are visiting.

If they are not prepared, traveling may even put their lives, and possibly the lives of others, in jeopardy. If they are prepared, they can dramatically increase their chances that everything will be fine.

- Before the trip
- During the trip
- After the trip

Target Audience, Objective

The program is designed for persons working for the private sector and have authorized access to sensitive data. It has the objective to give a good understanding of the risks, and assist them in protecting themselves, their organization and their country.

Delivery format of the training program

a. In-House Instructor-Led Training,
b. Online Live Training, or
c. Video-Recorded Training.


Our instructors are working professionals that have the necessary knowledge and experience in the fields in which they teach. They can lead full-time, part-time, and short-form programs that are tailored to your needs. You will always know up front who the instructor of the training program will be.

Christina Lekati, psychologist, social engineering training expert, can also lead this class. To learn about her you may visit:

Christina Lekati, Social Engineering Training Expert

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